Monday, May 5, 2014

Completely forgot that ten of these were due. hopefully Sweeny will still accept this. The 2nd to last week of class we were working on getting things done and working towards the portfolio. Pretty empty classes usually easier to get work done though. We had an in class essay that we did about how we felt we did in the class how much effort we put in the class and how we got better at writing or how we didn't get better at writing. As I said in the essay I feel like I have developed into a better writer and I say its because of grammar schmamar. I learned things I should have known and I got a review of things that I did know. At this time I only had one essay done and I was kind of worried I was not going to get everything done. I was still thinking on what I wanted to write about for the family essay so much to talk about in that subject. I ended up choosing divorce and the effect it has on the kids of the parents in the divorce. Well only two more of these bad boys left.

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