Monday, May 5, 2014

Completely forgot that ten of these were due. hopefully Sweeny will still accept this. The 2nd to last week of class we were working on getting things done and working towards the portfolio. Pretty empty classes usually easier to get work done though. We had an in class essay that we did about how we felt we did in the class how much effort we put in the class and how we got better at writing or how we didn't get better at writing. As I said in the essay I feel like I have developed into a better writer and I say its because of grammar schmamar. I learned things I should have known and I got a review of things that I did know. At this time I only had one essay done and I was kind of worried I was not going to get everything done. I was still thinking on what I wanted to write about for the family essay so much to talk about in that subject. I ended up choosing divorce and the effect it has on the kids of the parents in the divorce. Well only two more of these bad boys left.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Outside 2

Well as my final outside activity I went and saw mt Math prof's student for one of his classes. They had built hover crafts!! they used leaf blowers and designed the chairs they sat on but they really worked and i was completely mind blown. I wanted to know how it worked so bad so i decided to ask. He said that the two leaf blowers generate enough power if angled correctly at the ground to give a little lift the lift is enough to raise someone off the ground and allow them to float in the air slightly. Then we have someone push and run behind the person floating to get them to move but stopping is a problem because its not like you can slow down to a stop like in a car. but its a concept like it. they Had to manually stop the people after they eased of the gas on the leaf blowers but immediately stopping could have hurt someone.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

outside 1

For one of my Outside class activities I Attended the Kick ball tourney. This was put together by Phi Theta Kappa and it was used to raise money for testicular cancer. It was a lot of fun I had never played kickball before in my life! I signed up solo so I placed on a team I didn't know anyone on the team either. It was quite easy to kick the ball because I play soccer so its just a one touch finish basically but its to wild to me and Kickball is a little to much like baseball to me and thats why I play soccer I do not like baseball. Im pretty sure that the kickball tourney made about 250$ from the fundraiser and everyone seemed to enjoy it a lot. I think that they should do more sport activities Richard Bland doesn't have a lot of sports and I am almost sure that there are athletes out there that can't do what they're good at because they don't have the sport there. I think if they changed up what they do they would bring in more money for the fundraiser.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Well Post number four. I am deciding what to choose as my focus for the second essay. Our topic is family and I feel as if this is going to be the hardest one to write about. I have been thinking about writing about how hard military families have it with separation from spouse and the kids always having to move every few years. I feel like it makes it hard for some kids to adjust and fit in this way and having to let your spouse go for long periods of time takes it toll on people. OR I can write about "Family time" and how a lot of families lack this now. Family time could be as simple as eating dinner at the table together, watching TV, or even going on Vacation. This is becoming a problem because it makes it harder for the kids to communicate with their mom and dad. This may cause the kid to make bad choices in his or her life. I think that if families spent more time together then it would benefit who the kid becomes when he or she grows up. Having family time also teaches kids manners and how to be respectful. I know that is how I Learned to be respectful from my parents and them telling me what I can and cannot say. How I can talk to people and how to be (yes ma'am yes sir no ma'am no sir.)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Blog 3

Well I am quite behind on these but I can catch up. Our 1st grammar shmammer was fun and interesting. The group I was in had the topic of Words that are the same but mean something different. For example There, their, they're, Choose, and chose. We played a game at the end the fly swatter game I think it was called. Were Sabrina read a sentence and the two people took there "tool" (was a balloon) and smacked the word on the board that they thought was the right word in the sentence. The winner got candy and the loser got a smaller piece of candy like a door prize for playing.I think that It helped a lot of people understand better of when and what to use the words. I know that I didn't understand when the correct forms of there,their,and they're until i was in the 9th grade not joking.

Friday, January 31, 2014

So we finally decided on topics! good way of doing we ended up compromising decently I would say. I think that everyone is going to enjoy the free topic. Glad that family was a choice even though some people didn't actually want it. I wonder what Sweeney's point of all of this was I wish he would have just chose instead of making us argue for 3 weeks but thats not how it happened. I feel that people were more into arguing about their opinion and where they stood on what to write about rather than coming together and trying to agree on a topic. I believe that strong willed writers make the best argumentative ones though so it should be interesting to see what people think. One thing that I noticed today was when someone gave all these topics for environment people started to want to write about it. Well i thought in my mind that some people are just following because someone just gave them help for writing on a subtopic for it and what if I wrote down subtopics for ALL of the topics we were given would everyone want to write about them all then? Just something I was thinking and from thinking i learned to many people are followers stand up for what you want to speak or voice your opinion on that is all have a nice night :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

1st blog

Well might as well talk about the subjects we are trying to choose for the essay topics. We need to just decide on two more topics and a way to decide on the topics. I think that family is a great one to write about because we all have stories from our lives that we can use to help us. The other subject i think that we should do is religion. I say religion because its such a touchy subject to some people and sometimes you are going to have to talk about things whether people like it or not. Religion we all have our own views so i think almost everyone will have something different to say about what the believe in. Also im glad we have one which i think is the best one Crime and punishment. I am too excited to write about that topic because I am a criminal justice/sociology major. Saying what I believe in our justice system and what i think about and how are running it means a whole lot to me. Well i dont know what else to say so thanks for reading my blog :)